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Pull requests are welcome. Please make sure to update tests and documentation as appropriate.

For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


steinbock is developed using Visual Studio Code.

For convenience, the following Docker Compose services are available: - steinbock for running steinbock - steinbock-debug for debugging steinbock using debugpy - pytest for running unit tests with pytest - pytest-debug for debugging unit tests with pytest and debugpy

Matching Visual Studio Code launch configurations are provided for debugging: - Docker: Python General for debugging steinbock using Docker directly - Python: Remote Attach (steinbock-debug) for debugging steinbock using Docker Compose - Python: Remote Attach (pytest-debug) for debugging unit tests with pytest using Docker Compose

In addition, GPU-enabled services and launch configurations are available (-gpu suffix). Launch configurations may have to be invoked multiple times. To debug specific steinbock commands using e.g. the Python: Remote Attach (steinbock-debug) launch configuration, adapt the respective command in the docker-compose.yml file (e.g. add --version after -m steinbock). To debug unit tests on the host system (i.e., not within the Docker container), run pytest tests in the project root folder or use the "Testing" tab in Visual Studio Code.